CDBG Public Hearing Notice




The City of Franklin intends to submit an application for $307,040 in FFY-2024 funds, under the PA Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. Funds can be used for various community development projects, but at least 70% must be used to benefit low and moderate income persons.
The displacement of persons as a result of CDBG projects is not expected and will be avoided, if possible. The City is responsible for replacing all low and moderate income housing units that are demolished or converted as a result of CDBG activities.

City Council will hold the first of two required Public Hearings beginning at 7 P.M. on Monday, July 1, 2024, in Council Chambers, Franklin City Hall, 430-13th Street, Franklin, PA. At that time, a presentation will be made of the CDBG requirements. All are urged to attend and offer suggestions for the City's 2024 Application and the 3-Year Community Development Plan or comments on the City's prior use of CDBG funds. Any persons with disabilities who wish to attend the Public Hearing are asked to contact the City's Community Development Department prior to the hearings so that any needed accommodations can be arranged. Phone: (814) 437-1922; Telecommunication Relay Services: 711.

Prior to the submission of the 2024 CDBG application, a final synopsis and public hearing notice will be published to inform citizens of the proposed use of the funds and provide for comments during a second public hearing.

James Wetzel
City Clerk