Utilities Director

The major directive given to the Public Utilities Director is to help 
assure that one of our region’s most valuable assets - water - is treated and distributed safely to the City's customers and to oversee the disposal of wastewater to ensure that it is processed properly to protect our receiving waters and downstream users from pollution.

Working closely with the Franklin General Authority Board, engineers, and the City Manager, the Public Utilities Director provides technical, administrative, and environmental regulatory-related oversight in the daily operations of the Franklin Water and Wastewater Departments, which include the Water Treatment Plant, Water Network, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wastewater Network.



Utilities Coordinator


The Utilities Coordinator works with the City Manager and Utilities Director to provide GIS mapping and analysis tasks and providing support to and coordination with City Water and Wastewater personnel, under the framework of the Franklin General Authority’s plans and resource management activities.   



General Authority of the City of Franklin


To own and operate Franklin's public water and waste water systems, which include the 9th Street Water Treatment Plant, the Barrett Flats Water Treatment Plant, the Water Network, the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Wastewater Network.  The Franklin General Authority provides long-range planning for its capital projects and works closely with City of Franklin staff to manage and maintain the systems.

Second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. in Franklin City Council Chambers.  Workshops are usually held the fourth Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM.