Water Department

In the event of an after-hours water/sewer emergency, call 814-432-9918
The Franklin Water Department supplies water to the City of Franklin, Rocky Grove, and other parts of Sugarcreek Borough, Frenchcreek Township, Sandycreek Township, and Cranberry Township. The Franklin water system, owned by the Franklin General Authority, consists of two water treatment plants, seven booster stations, and nine water tanks. The Franklin Water Department maintains the quality and quantity of water service provided to individual homes and businesses in accordance with the rules and policies of the Franklin General Authority. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintain, repair, and replace water lines.
  • Conduct a leak detection program.
  • Maintain, repair, and replace fire hydrants within the Franklin water system.
  • Assist contractors and engineers performing underground work on behalf of the Franklin General Authority.
  • Assist with developing and maintaining maps and drawings of water distribution lines and valves.
  • Maintain, repair, and replace water treatment equipment, facilities, and grounds.
  • Install, maintain, repair, and read water meters.
  • Provide required testing services on water samples.
  • Monitor regulatory compliance.
  • Operate and maintain Miller-Sibley swimming pool facilities.